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Sena will be no stranger to readers of American-V – we’ve been using their intercoms and camera for years now, and some will even have rung the editor while roadtesting or on launches and marvelled at the clarity of the call – and this is their latest and greatest technology to date.

The 50-series is their new flagship and takes mobile comms to a new place in terms of rugged reliability, audio quality and the use of Mesh 2.0, which allows either private groups of up to 24 riders to communicate over a range of up to five miles – leap-frogging between spread out riders – or an open mic version communicating with anyone using Mesh 2.0 over the same range! This is alongside regular Bluetooth comms, which is about 1 mile over a much smaller group, or just one-to-one.

And for those who are already using Mesh 1.0 technology in earlier Sena products – like their 30K or Evo Momentum – you will be pleased to learn that in an unprecedented move, Sena have released a firmware update that will allow them to benefit from Mesh 2.0 and join the party!

Returning to the 50-series, Sena are claiming HD clarity over less obtrusive and louder helmet speakers, 30% faster charging, multi-lingual voice commands as well as improved pass-through to Siri/Google. They say it’s a new direct link, but I’ve been using it on my 20S for a couple of years at least, having pressed a button on the unit. Maybe they’ve bypassed the button?

They are also controlled by a new easy to use App – and the old one’s not bad – as well as having a WiFi adapter/ recharger that automatically installs firmware updates without a PC!

The 50S comes with the familiar jog-shuttle button, beloved of the 20S, while the 50R is a lower profile and used buttons, for the same price.

Sena 50-series
Individually £309.00
Dual Pack: £549.00

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