Indian releases Blacked-Out Baby Budget Bobber

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It wasn’t so long ago that Indian’s announcement that they were reducing the power output of the regular Scout to make it meet A2 licence requirements made it look as though the 5-speed, 999cc Scout Sixty had had its raison d’être kicked out of it, but then came a round of price increases and a couple of budget 1200cc Sportsters.

And now, not only has it rejoined the range but it has been joined by a monochrometastic bobbed version, powered by the same 78hp motor, which takes black Scouts one stage further: adding the regular Bobber’s exhaust to the Sixty’s stock black chassis and cam cover.

It has foregone the headlamp cowl of its big brother and the colour accent seat – along with all colour options other than gloss or matt ‘Thunder’ black – which has allowed Indian to keep the price down to the same as the regular Sixty rather than demanding a price premium, and at £10,349 it should fly off showroom floors.

“Bringing a stripped-down, old-school Bobber at a lower price is something we’re very excited about. We’re proud to provide such a dynamic offering at a price point that makes owning an Indian Motorcycle extremely attainable to an even wider range of riders,” said Reid Wilson, Vice President of Indian Motorcycle.

There are already more than 140 factory accessories for the Bobber, which now includes an all-new colour-matched comfort seat with a pillion option!

Form an orderly queue, or wait for the high bar version to follow … errr, a Scout Bobber Sixty Twenty?

Would that be the new 30.50?

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