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It’s five years since the last Project Scout competition was held, to both show the custom potential in Indian’s then-new middleweight models and celebrate the 115th Anniversary of Indian Motocycle. And the 120th Anniversary is as good a time as ever to revisit that idea – especially now that dealers are far more familiar with the wider range of models.

It doesn’t hurt, of course, that we have largely got over the liquid-cooled DOHC motor that paid greater tribute to the innovation of CB Franklin’s original Scout than the aesthetics of models long past, which has made it easier to take the custom concept further … and to enforce a new and tighter discipline: a £3k budget for parts and labour.

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It was also going to be a time-restricted build, with just twelve weeks from the initial announcement at the beginning on November to the bikes being revealed at the end of January.

Of course, time has been a relative measurement for the last eighteen months and the deadline was extended twice to cover for the pressures on workshops with reduced staff levels in order to meet social distancing requirements, and – of course – prioritising customers’ bikes.

And so, on the 10th May the nine bikes were finally revealed and here they are!

Yes, we are late – we were too busy drooling over the new Chiefs and putting the new issue to press – but you’ve still got a week to cast your vote.

To do that, click the big VOTE NOW thing beneath the pics, or HERE: in either case you will find some more pictures, a link to the descriptions of each bike, a running tally and voting button.


Apologies for not spotting this crossing our desk earlier: strange times. Sorry ☹️

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