Highsider Proton LEDs

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Remember the days when we had to find clever ways of hiding indicators on custom bikes – which usually involved taking the bloody things off completely because they were big, ugly and ruined the lines?

It’s hardly an issue these days because first they got pretty, then bikes got faster and the roads more dangerous so we had better things to do than stick a retro-reflective gloved hand out to signal. And finally, indicators got smaller … and brighter.

Much brighter!

Now, we’re spoilt for choice. We get indicators built into stop/taillights, and combined they are smaller than the bulbs that used to glow behind minimum size lenses! Great, isn’t it?

Into that mix, Custom Chrome have thrown these Proton lights from Highsider: we’re showing you the rear lights because that’s what we’ve been sent, but matching front indicators and white marker lights are available, as are front indicator/marker lights combos. And they’re all new too, and they share common metal housings, so we’ve given you prices for those too.

Proton One is a classic side-mounted indicator but smaller, with a slash-cut shell rather than the more common bullet, Proton Two is more rounded and very close-fitting while Proton Three looks as though it has been designed to sit flush on a flat panel and also comes with a taillight/rear marker light option.

All are sold in pairs except where noted.

Highsider Proton One LEDs
CCE 916886 White Marker £65.72
CCE 916885 Turn £73.95
CCE 916887 White Marker/Turn £99.64
CCE 916888 Stop/Tail/Turn £107.86
Highsider Proton One LEDs
CCE 916890 White Marker £65.74
CCE 916889 Turn £73.95
CCE 916891 White Marker/Turn £99.64
CCE 916892 Stop/Tail/Turn £107.86
Highsider Proton Three LEDs
CCE 916894 White Marker (Each) £36.95
CCE 916897 Tail (Each) £41.06
CCE 916893 Turn £73.95
CCE 916895 White Marker/Turn £99.64
CCE 916896 Stop/Tail/Turn £107.86


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