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Putting the original Dyna and the new Softail Low Rider S models together reveals a host of changes … in fact, it’s more a challenge of picking out similarities beyond the name, and makes me wish that Harley-Davidson had slotted a Milwaukee-Eight drivetrain into a Dyna chassis for the rubber-mount chassis’ last hurrah, if only for its aesthetics.

But we are where we are, and there is much about the new model to celebrate in terms of handling and performance, and all I need to do is work out whether it’d be easier to slot a twin shock rear subframe to the new Softail’s front loop, or to bolt a Milwaukee Eight motor into a Dyna chassis 🙂

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… and the reference frequently misattributed to Dixon of Dock Green? That’s on old County Constabulary house in the background.

Big thanks to Tim Osborne for pulling his Dyna LRS out as the rain started: I really needed to see the two side by side.

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