Harley-Davidson Livewire tested in AmV105

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The bike we said we wouldn’t cover got the most comprehensive roadtest of any bike we’ve ever taken on: no Harley-Davidson has looked less, gone less or sounded less like a Harley-Davidson, but is that a reason not to find out as much as we can?

Not just the bike but the concept, the realisation, why Lithium isn’t the answer but also why electric might just be an acceptable future. And why you can, in a piss-pot helmet and shades, dressed in classic leather festooned in bar and shield logos show a disappearing license plate to anything that you’re likely to encounter at a set of traffic lights.

We put it through its paces in the digital American-V 105 – which will be printed in the omnibus edition edition – and prepare to have all your prejudices reinforced but to still come away with questions where there was previously apathy, and even enthusiasm where there were previously questions.

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The best way to get hold of a digital edition, without diverting too much of the cover price into the coffers of some of the world’s biggest corporations, is to go to:


where you will also find more than ten years of digital back issues … and so many flashbacks!!


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