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The roads were empty-ish as I rode the Indian Chief Vintage back to my home and office from my mum’s conservatory – where I have been hiding from Amanda’s self-isolation – and while I know the northern route across the Peaks between South Derbyshire and Cheshire would have been much more fun, I stuck to the dull carriageway to avoid standing out … this picture was from the shoot a month ago for this issue.

I didn’t want to spend half an hour at the side of the road qualifying whether my journey was essential – indeed whether the exemption apparently enjoyed by journalists extended to motorcycle journalists: I had stuff to do.

That stuff was sending out back issues and t-shirts from our unattended, clean warehouse because as long as the postal service is running, I’m going to be doing a weekly post run, probably on a Tuesday … it is Tuesday today, isn’t it?

SO, what’s going on and what are we doing?

The new magazine hits the shelves on Thursday – should be on subscribers doormats today, I’m hoping, but in these strange times I wouldn’t hold my breath – but it’s unlikely to be the same shelves as it would previously have been.

    • Many WHSmiths stores have closed for the duration, leaving only those that function as post offices to remain open.
    • The last time I was in one of those, the seven people in the store were three staff and four people posting letters, two metres apart.
    • Town centres are quiet, and you are being advised to avoid them.
    • Our distributors – all magazine distributors – are focusing on smaller grocery shops instead, because that’s where people are shopping these days, and they are open.
    • I’ve got a stash of office copies in Repton, and once I’m back there will put those into the shop.

We are going to continue to run the £2 back issues deal for the duration of this lockdown: if you want something to read, we can cover that. Click on the ‘Back Issues‘ link on the left.

Subscriptions shouldn’t be affected, and are always the best way to get hold of American-V. Click on the ‘Subscriptions’ link on the left

The digital edition isn’t affected – see https://pocketmags.com/american-v-magazine/issues – and indeed if you get used to reading the magazine on a tablet or iPad, you can go right back to issue 42! I might even get chance to add a Digital Edition link on the left while I’m in lockdown.

Issue 102 probably will be affected, unless you want to read solely about the long term Indian Chief Vintage, my Shovel, my Buell and Boz’s fire-breathing Sport Glide … hmmm, maybe I could use the time to sort out the Vegas?! Could certainly use the time to sort out the warehouse!

Calendar? Ah! Bugger. Lots of work there: assume that all events are cancelled until further notice.

More news as we have it … regarding what we are doing, obviously, not the wider stuff: the telly has got more than enough of that to be going on with.

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  1. Good on you Andy, keep up the good work, wouldn’t mins seeing issue 102 in that format. Saw some interesting facts on the Governments new Coronavirus bill on AOL’s newsletter today, don’t know if the listed clarifications will help you at all but maybe.

  2. Nice pic, cracking bike but not so keen on the tasles, interesting location.
    Of course you should count as a journalist for the exemption, your mag keeps me sane in these straightened times & looking for the postie to come today now.

  3. Lovely looking bike, except for that front mudguard! A quick after market alternative (and possibly a trim of the tassels) and that will be a very nice ride.

  4. I love this bike, well most of it. Like others I don’t care for the front mudguard, although i appreciate that this is just an “Indian thing” as they looked like that back in the day.
    I liked the video of the ride back from the shops, but I couldn’t understand 90% of what you said. When you were riding it sounded as though you were under water. Maybe a different microphone set up may be needed?? Looking forward to more videos though, hopefully with better sound.

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