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Andy H American-V 4 Comments

Yes, we have got a lot of work to do, catching up with ourselves on the Social Hub – we’ve been a little distracted, getting the magazine out, moving the website to a new host, and working out how best to promote ourselves … hence this!

As promised in the attached video – before realising we could embed a code on the video itself (every day’s a school day) – the link to click below is 107.american-v.co.uk which will take you to the subs house, who are handling such things.

107.american-v.com should work too, but we’re not pushing that until we know that DNS has settled down: it got its panties in a bunch with the change on hosting, but we are hopeful.

And for those who take their cyber security seriously – and those who just wonder what “cso2w” in the web address means – it was very nearly the initials of the company that we set up to publish American-V and Spirit of 1901, but as much as it made us smile, “Hornblower Publishing” looked more grown-up than “Cool Shit on 2 Wheels”.

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  1. Great to see and hear you in the flesh Andy, not at all how I imagined you to sound, but in a good way. I will certainly be spreading the word of AV to anyone I know. Also, thanks for your bike advice you gave me yesterday.

    1. Post

      Thanks Rob, I normally sound twice as fast and am muttering into my beard but I’m learning to talk more slowly 🙂

  2. Great to have you back, the mahoosive issue you mention, keeps getting thumbed through to find something I’ve missed.

    Bit of video during your road tests or expeditions may be fun, even more so if it was raining! . . No just kidding there. . . . Sort of.😉

    Yep you’re right in the last comment about looking different on paper, it also smells right. 😎

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      There are hours and hours of video, shot from the saddle, making notes on the move: just got to edit it into something useable which is much easier said than done, but something we plan to do … I’m pleased to say that rain on the lens makes that unuseable, so I’ll pass on that 😎

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