GNX 4½-inch slip-ons for Harley Tourers

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If your FL is too muted – the low idle combined with a plugged up exhaust just isn’t letting enough of the Milwaukee Eight’s raw roar get out – then don’t tell the neighbours but S&S has created their GNX slip-ons just for you.

You won’t need to tell the neighbours: they’ll hear it.

Unless, of course you leave the dB killer installed, which will mute it some, but not as much as the oem exhaust … but then that is the point.

Made – and chromed – in the USA, it is warranty friendly, has been relieved to work with shocks up to 13½-inches and also comes in S&S’ new Guardian Black finish.

S&S GNX 4½-inch Slip-On for Harley-Davidson Touring models
Chrome: $589.95
Guardian Black: $474.95

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