FTR1200 is in da house

Andy H Indian 2 Comments

Can’t believe my luck: searching for somewhere to get a few quick snaps of the new Indian to whet your appetites, I found an oval track!!

Okay, so it’s a car park, but I bet it will be empty at sun-up … 🙂

If I’m not still in chokey for a breach of the peace, there will be a full roadtest in American-V 97: out on the first Thursday in August! And probably some more pics here before then.

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  1. I hate you Andy … Just got being debt and HP free on the achievable horizon, and you go show me this … YOU ARE COMPLETELY IRRESPONSIBLE !!! 😡 … Want one want one want one want one … Ahh well, was NEVER happy dropping back to two bikes from three, anyway, so where do I sign (lol). 😆 … That FTR my friend is the dogs danglies, so thanks for showing us, and I can’t wait to see the big review in glorious A4 colour in my next V mag. 👍 Atb: GB.

    1. Post

      And this is the plainer-looking one, although it suits me better in the black and grey: the stunning race colours would be writing cheques I couldn’t cash!

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