Fortune favours the Brave

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Corbin Saddles, the people who gave us the fastback “Gunfighter” – one of the most recognisable custom saddles of all time – have produced a version of it for the Indian Scout that continues the wild west theme: the Brave.

Often copied, but usually more for style and rarely taking pillion comfort into account, the Gunfighter provides excellent rider support with good weight dispersal that’s to a large body contact. And while the area behind looks more like a styling flourish, and certainly doesn’t have the width, it has been properly padded and upholstered to provide short trip comfort for a pillion.

It is to be hoped that the foam compresses under their weight, as it does on my Shovel’s excellent copy, rather than forming a slope for them to slide off backwards: if anyone has one, please let us know.

Obviously, it is up to you to provide footpegs for the pillion in the case of the Bobber and some Scout models that aren’t supplied with them.

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