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It’s that time of the production process when all decorum goes out of the window, and it was all I could do to stop myself from calling this the 59th Street Bridge, and only managed to do so because it might reveal me as a fan of Simon and Garfunkel. D’ohh.

What can I tell you about these Fehling handlebars that are an inch in diameter at the switches, grips and a 4-bolt riser top clamp, but 1¼-inch everywhere else?

They fit all 1970-on Harley-Davidsons except XG Street and Throttle-by-Wire models and will support standard and aftermarket Harley-Davidson handlebar controls and risers: the 4-bolt top clamp bit, is only because they’d look silly being an inch in the visible bit between separate ones. They start at £260.00

Zodiac 782087 Chrome, dimple style C
Zodiac 782088 Black powder coated, dimple style C models

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