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You will recognise Paul Burdass from stands at innumerable rallies and shows, and know that Fat Skeleton already holds the sort of t-shirts that you won’t find anywhere else in this country – he spends a lot of time stateside looking for it – but this is something different again.

Having run into an old biker acquaintance who is not only an award winning artist but runs a state-of-the-art screen printing business, he has launched the Fat Skeleton T-shirt brand. And he has done so with some stunning designs, beautifully printed on a 100% cotton soft-touch with a ribbed neck and straight hem.

And they are exactly as billed, and don’t mistake so touch for delicate: they are robust, keep their shape well, wash well and hang well. ey are also a good length, which is good news for those of us who like to tuck a t-shirt in – it’s a belt-buckle thing, I suspect – and just might cover your modesty when padding to the fridge in the middle of the night.

Sizing on this rst batch is a little wayward, according to the XXL label screen-printed inside the back of my t-shirt’s neck – no silly sew-ins here – but as they are solely available from Fat Skeleton, Paul’s team are accounting for that with every order.

There are four designs so far – all very distinctive, and with levels of detail in the design of the large front print in three of these four (one has a small front and large back print) that will keep you spotting unseen details for weeks – with plans for another sixteen by the end of the year, which we fully expect to be as diverse as his existing popular US imports.

So if you’re looking for something a little different, check these out and keep an eye open for new designs throughout the year.

Fat Skeleton T-Shirts
Colours: Black
Sizes: 38 – 54-inch chest
Price: £24.99


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