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Anyone who has ever produced a magazine (hopefully, but it might just be me) will tell you that putting together the calendar is perhaps the least enjoyable aspect of the job.

Easy to get wrong, it is out of date as soon as you’ve published and it either fills the magazine with loads of detail, or is less useful providing people with just enough to whet their appetite.

So, we’ve moved American-V’s Events Calendar on-line … well, I made the decision and got the technical stuff working, Fon did all the hard work.

We can correct it in real-time, use pictures from previous years to give a sense of the event, organiser’s logos, maps and all sorts of stuff that just doesn’t work in a magazine and it will hopefully build up into an invaluable resources – especially if you let us know of any American motorcycle-related events, or even those where they would be welcome.

You will find it at

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