Essential Journeys: April 2020

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Who knew that this lockdown would increase the potential to test the functionality of our long term Indian Chief Vintage?

This classic-bagged tourer has visited all but two of Burton-on-Trent’s supermarkets over the last weeks, keeping three of us fed from a small fridge and a small freezer – which prevents me from doing fewer, bigger shopping trips (officer) – and yes, all this did fit in to the two panniers … and they were securely closed.

And no, we haven’t lost a single egg yet and I must have carried a couple of dozen over the weeks now in anything from an empty pannier to this. And I realised as I fastened the QD straps this time that I couldn’t remember which bag I’d packed them in.

Then it was a quick blast back to the Hornsbase Bunker – as my mum’s conservatory has become known – to restock the larder.

When I’ve got time, if you’re really unlucky, I’ll share that journey with you, but for now I’m making the most of the opportunity to tidy up the warehouse/workshop, between interesting and exciting phone calls relating to what kind of world we will emerge into.

Stay safe out there, and if you have an essential journey to make, make the most of it!

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  1. Great to see that you are managing to get out and about using the Indian to get your shopping. Is that a bottle of JD I see? Is that for your mum??? May have to use my Sportster and a rucksack for our next food shop, otherwise its going to be a while before I get a ride.

    1. Post

      Close, but no cigar. Actually Jim Beam Red Stag, which my lady and I have a weakness for. Excellent part of a calorie controlled diet: easily drunk neat so no sugary mixers, and I’m counting the black cherry as one of my five a day.

      Think I’ve managed about a thousand essential miles on the Indian so far, and they actually were essential … but then I’m fifty miles from the office and while i can mainly work from “home”, warehouse stuff and post runs require a return journey 🙂

      Haven’t got so much as a funny look off anyone, but then we are socially isolating if solo, and wearing plenty of PPE. Haven’t tried walking round a supermarket with my Icon Airflite full face helmet with its tinted visor yet, though 😷

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