Elephant’s head nacelle kits

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I freely admit that I’m biased, but reckon that this – as fited to 1960 Duo Glides right through to the last of the 4-speed Electra Glides in 1984 – is the best looking nacelle out there, and one of the reasons why I want another 4-speed FL is so I can have another one. It would look silly on the Low Rider.

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It’s different to the one fitted to Road Kings, which are much cut away at the back to accommodate the gooseneck and reversed yokes, and I couldn’t tell you whether it would fit on a Switchback, just that it should have been a pre-requirement of that model’s development.

Hell, if the Chief Vintage was a permanent fixture in my workshop, I’d be working out how to fit one of these instead of the original Indian one.

Anyway, having said all of that, they haven’t made this solely for me, so I’m guessing you might be interested too. In which case, this perfect copy of the original comes in chrome, polished or black, complete with a chrome headlamp rim and a DOT-approved sealed beam unit. And, of course, the handlebar clamp cover.

Zod. 789827 Chrome £366.03
Zod. 789828 Polished £285.22
Zod. 789829 Black £380.28

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