Duluth Pack Bedroll

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Don’t like camping? That’s easy to fix, don’t bother with a tent: just take one of these.

At its most minimal, the American-made Duluth Pack is a sturdily hemmed, twin-compartment body-sized sleeve – in either black or a waxed beige heavyweight canvas – that can be rolled up to 50cm width and 24cm diameter and strapped to your bike until you need it. And when you need it, you unroll it and slip inside; it’s waterproof and provides a windproof barrier to protect you from cold and damp.

If you want to get more sophisticated, line it with your Mexican blanket for additional warmth, or even a sleeping bag. You can even slip an airbed into the second compartment if you want to get off the ground, but obviously everything you use will need to be packed somewhere on the bike in the first place. If you’re clever, it will still take up a lot less space than a tent, and those Mexican blankets look good on a bike.

For easy entry and/or exit there are two YKK zippers installed along the length of the bedroll, and it is possible to open the top chamber on both sides for venting. There is a zippered pocket sewn in at the head end, too, which can be used to store your valuables, or a sweater to use as a pillow.

Duluth Pack Bedroll
W&W 87-661: black €487.42
W&W 87-662: beige waxed €669.30

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