Dot4 signs off on the Resurgence Sherpa, and takes on new brands

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We’ve been following the prototype of the Sherpa around for a while – a Selvedge trucker jacket with a shearling collar and lining, Pekev abrasion resistant fabric and triple stitching – and it was good to see the final changes in place last week.

Para-Aramids have certainly changed the way that riding gear is evolving – not that many people who are wearing this kind of gear are openly concerned about protection – and great that protection doesn’t have to detract from the style of your gear. Did you know you can now get Kevlar-reinforced dungarees?

Good, too, that companies like Dot4 are bringing in brands that most of us have never heard of, as well as introducing new styles through shops at the heart of an emerging scene.

Ran into Stefan and Mark at the British Dealer News trade show last week, and Stefan took me through three new ranges: Black Arrow, a range of women’s riding gear from an Australian female rider and designer (right); Pando Moto, a technical denim specialist from East Europe and a substantial range from By City, who leans more towards an urban style.

All very exciting and driving things forward at a time when the motorcycle industry is having an identity crisis.

And we’re going to be chasing Stefan down for some better pictures and more information.

Resurgence Sherpa Jacket

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