Dirty Rubber

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The crosser style is more popular than ever in the world of customs, and it’s never been easier to build something that will have good street manners thanks to the availability of on/off road tyres – or should that be the street capabilities of tyres that were designed for the dirt?

Of course, it then comes down to whether you want a classic block tread for the visual aesthetic or are willing to be more pragmatic, in which case Pirelli’s MT60 and MT60RS tyres will keep the shiny side up on the tarmac … once you’ve washed the mud thrown up by a mudguardless crosser’s block tread off your paintwork from the dirt.

The regular MT60 is more for the purists on sensible-sized off-road rims, but the MT60RS is a radial (shown), aimed at the Supermotard crowd and more of a performance tyre with a more modern tread pattern.

Zod 737176 MT60 100/9019 57H TL £156.77
Zod 737177 MT60 90/9021 54H TL £143.35
Zod 737173 MT60RS 130/90B16 67H TL £112.63
Zod 737174 MT60RS 120/70ZR17 58W TL £177.87
Zod 737175 MT60RS 120/70ZR18 59W TL £195.80
Zod 737178 MT60RS 150/80B16 77H TL £145.25
Zod 737179 MT60RS 160/60R17 69H TL £215.02
Zod 737183 MT60RS 180/55ZR17 73W TL £233.58


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