DEI Leg Shield

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Amanda knocked up a pair of these ten years or more ago out of Nomex – if my memory serves me correctly – after a regular pair of waterproofs melted on an exhaust, and we said at the time that she should have patented them.

DEI’s new Motorcycle Leg Shield is actually designed to protect legs rather than trousers from hot exhausts but the principle is the same. Universal sized 8×10-inch shields feature a heavy-duty outer shell with an insulated inner layer, and they slip on and off easily: simply wrap them round your leg and fasten with easy-to-use hook-and-loop straps – like Velcro but not the trademarked variety. They are large enough to fit over leathers and riding gear for road use but are tough enough for the most extreme riding environments such as motocross, offroad and speedway. And they are small enough to store under your seat or saddlebag when not in use.

Buy direct, or through Demon Tweaks in Europe.

DEI Powersports new Motorcycle Leg Shield.  £43.82 plus import tax and shipping

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