Dancing the light hydraulic

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If you are struggling with the hydraulic clutch on your Twin Cam or Milwaukee Eight, Müller might just make your day. They have come up with a revised hydraulic slave cylinder that lives under the regular gearbox outer cover, and it reduces the effort at the lever by a massive 35% on a Twin Cam and an incredible 45% on a Milwaukee Eight!

That easier pull inevitably gives you a much better clutch response – being easier to release cleanly – and you’ll never see the join because there is no sign of it externally. The cylinder itself is etched with Müller’s logo but you’ll only ever see it when you take the outer cover off, and there is little need to do that as it is a zero maintenance item once fitted.

Müller Hydro Clutch: £259.30
Drag Spec: 11300416: for 2014–16 FL Touring/Trike/CVO models in place of oem #37200023
Drag Spec: 11300415: for 2017-on FL Touring/Trike/CVO models in place of oem #37200131A


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