Corbin’s Fastback Seat for Indian Challenger

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Before the paint was dry on Indian’s new PowerPlus-powered Challenger, Corbin released aversion of their ‘The Wall’ fastback seat ready for it.

Already available for most Harley-Davidson Tourers and a number of Softails – but apparently the first time they have offered it for an Indian tourer – The Wall gets its name from the impressive vertical back support brought about by the raised tail section. Taller and more vertical, this holds the rider in position more aggressively and is said to work extremely well for hot rodded bikes and cafe racers where a less reclined posture is desired.

Be aware that while the tail is padded and serves as a pillion seat, it has been designed specifically for rider back support and an elegant profile: it will be comfortable enough for short trips, but passengers are advised to hold on tight!

Up front, the ergonomically designed platform increases the area of body contact to disperse rider weight evenly and eliminate hot spots, while Corbin’s exclusive Comfort Cell foam beneath leather seating panels provides resilient comfort and a low seating platform thanks to a slim profile. It has also been dished in the centre to eliminate pressure on the tail bone, while the nose has been sculpted narrow to allow a rider to get both feet down securely.

And while the Challenger isn’t yet available with an electrically heated seat, The Wall can offer that extra bit of luxury for an extra £400. As you would expect, that comes with its own switch and a pigtail that hooks into the bike’s harness.

Massively customisable in terms of textures as well as panel and stitching colours – even the logo – it is shown here with the main seating and tail in ‘Grey Bomber Jacket’ with Matte Black side panels, Natural Black trim, Chrome welt, Black stitching and Medium Silver Corbin logo, plus a simpler scheme for contrast!

See their site for the full – the massive – range of options.

#I-CR-W Wall saddle for 2020 Indian Challenger £734.40
#I-CR-W-E Wall saddle with HEAT for 2020 Indian Challenger £1,134.00

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