Ciro Shock & Awe 2.0 Lighting

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You either get this or you don’t. I remember a bunch of us sitting on the steps inside York Racecourse at a long-time distant HOG Rally, shortly after dusk and before The Meteors were paid off, singing “We wish you a  Merry Christmas” while a proud owner demonstrated the repertoire of his overdressed Electra Glide’s light show.

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We didn’t get it then and I don’t get it now, but then I’m an old-fashioned boy, who likes his motorcycles raw and his technology functional.

For those who like a bit of sparkle – okay a LOT of sparkle – that can be tuned to match their road speed, the music playing on the Boom!Box and even microphone integration there is this. I can’t begin to imagine what the 3-Channel output relates to, or why it might need to account for the braking function or more, but it has and it does.

A physical controller is included in the price, but you’ll achieve more with the software function of the Smartphone App With the Ciro Bluetooth app, and between them you can select between millions of colours to match your bike, but it’s down to you where you choose to place the nine 3-inch LED flex pods, using six 8-inch wiring extensions and three 8-inch wire splitters.

And if you feel you need more or longer pods, wires or splitters, they are available
separately – sample prices are just a selection.

Zod 754266 Complete engine starter kit with controller. £297.57
Zod 754267 Saddlebag rail expansion kit: incl 2×12-inch LED flex pods, 2×22-inch wiring extensions and 2×8-inch Y-splitters £99.90
Zod 754039 Set of two 4-inch Y-splitters £13.02
Zod 754268 Set of two 8-inch Y-splitters £21.71
Zod 754041 10-inch extension wires, pair £6.41
Zod 754042 14-inch extension wires, pair £7.62
Zod 754271 Set of two 3-inch LED flex pods £30.39
Zod 754272 Set of two 12-inch LED flex pods £52.11

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