Bobbing along nicely … on the 2018 Fat Bob and Street Bob

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Raw unedited footage – and a good 10 minutes of it – of chasing round Spanish switchbacks, getting a feel for the two more-streetable of the four Softails we were putting through their paces. These were our first miles on them, having arrived at the lunch stop on the ridiculously agile new Heritage Classic!

I scored the ‘Bonneville Salt Denim’ Fat Bob 114 – aka the Zombie Apocalypse Bike – Daryll Young set a good pace and I let Nike Samson (Fat Bob) and Richard Taylor (Street Bob) go ahead to see if I could get a sense of what they were doing. I got some footage over my shoulder of Chris Cope, Laura Thomson and Geoff Hill behind, but that edit will have to wait: this magazine goes to press next Monday and I’ve got to find a way to squeeze all this in! I suspect that news might be abbreviated to give this more space that I’d previously allowed

The ultra-wide angle lens of the Kodak SP360 gives a proper rider’s perspective of the trip but you don’t get as much indication of how sharp these corners were, except the odd occasion where you can see how the road doubles back on itself.


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