Bobber Rear Fender for Sportster

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We will make the point – well, allude to it – that Harley are the only company in their class who don’t have a bike called a Bobber, which is a shame because that means we know absolutely nothing about this.

Okay, so we know that it was manufactured by TXT, comes in two widths – 255 and 175mm – for 130-150 section and 160-180 section tyres respectively, and is intended for 1986-2019 Evo Sportsters.

In their original frames? I suspect not, because that would make it a hugger, but then if it is for custom frames, why specify Evo? And if it’s for a stock frame, there’s eight years of Ironheads in XR-style frames.

TXT Rear Fender Bobber
902093 for Evo XL883 / XL1200 / XL1200L / XL1200C 130-150 tyres                   £541.53
902094 for Evo XL883 / XL1200 / XL1200L / XL1200C 160-180 tyres                   £541.53

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