Blowing up a storm!

Andy H Indian, New Models Leave a Comment

No, not Storm Jorge, which was heading my way and determined to punish me for having had the audacity to leave my waterproofs at home, but Indian’s PowerPlus 108-powered Challenger.

Tall, slender quick – with the Ride Mode in “Sport” – and agile, I’ve been putting it through its paces while the long term Chief Vintage is being serviced … okay, so I asked them nicely, and told them not to rush. It goes back on Monday.

The new engine is a very different ballgame compared to the ThunderStroke motor, more like a Victory’s power delivery and ride characteristics, but that’s not a bad thing, offering the best of both worlds to fans of the Cross Country and the Indian brand.

So far, so good: check out the full detail on American-V 101 … coming to a word processor as soon as the wheels stop rolling!

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