AT LAST! The new 2 year Subscriptions T-Shirts!

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Yes, it has been a long time coming, but we’re on the home straight.

All that we need to know now is how many of the old T-shirts we need, because this is the last time that we will be ordering them … and we will be removing the distressed effect from the back print, because despite being overprinted several times to give it enough purchase, the lighter text is wearing off. The new design – a brand new, original design by one of American-V’s founders and talented artist, Rich King – will NOT be distressed, front or back.

So, all you two-year UK subscribers who didn’t receive your t-shirts – you will know who you are (and we’ve got a pretty good idea now, to within a dozen names) – get in touch with me at giving your size and design preference ( new / old ) and we can get this buried.

There will then be a pregnant pause while we get them printed, but then we will be up to date.

All those subscribers who had an email off me a month or so ago, you will get something like this post as a follow-up email, to make sure you don’t miss it in your timeline. Those who have been in touch already will get a second email (to save me going through the list of recipients to pick you out), but you can ignore that: your record in the subs database will have been updated.

Yes, the shop needs updating: that is on the list.

OLD: “Ain’t no substitute for cubes” – Harley-Davidson Breakout, Indian Chief and Victory Hammer

NEW: “On Any Sinday” – an original Rich King design: Sportster, Chieftain and Panhead

We are looking at a broader range of merchandise beyond the subs t-shirt – and indeed, the new design will be available to buy separately: prices to be confirmed.

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