Arlen Ness LED Indicators

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We’re seeing a lot of so-small-they’re-invisible indicators these days but what if you want to make a statement?

Few companies have made as many statements over the years as Arlen Ness, so let’s let them do it again with these two new designs.

Both feature 24 hi-intensity LEDs to get the message across, nice and clear, but they’re behind smoked lenses for a clean, classic look.

Then it’s a matter of whether you’re looking for ornate gothic or modern elegant, and in contrast cut anodized black or in chrome.

The Teardrop Turn Signal has something of the flying buttress about it with the billet aluminium carved away at the pointy end – which is more obvious in the pics of the contrast-cut anodised black finish – getting the message across that these ain’t your typical bullets. They feature a 1-inch diameter lens and I’m going to take a punt on the 1.5-inch dimension being front-to-back, because the stand-off doesn’t look like half an inch.

Meanwhile, the Bullet Fluted LED Turn Signal measures an inch in diameter and is 1 3/8-inch from the mount to the nicely radiused top … or side, depending on how you’re mounting them.

Both lights include a 5/16 threaded stud, bored for the wiring, and we are told that they are dual filament … but not what that means. I didn’t think LEDs had any filament. If someone knows, do tell us: we’re intrigued … actually, we think it’s a typo.

Both are supplied in pairs and it’s safe to assume in amber, not the US red option on Ness’s own site.

Teardrop Turn Signal £161.87
915745 Chrome
915746 Black Anodized

Billet Bullet Fluted LED Turn Signals £123.93
915749 Chrome
915750 Black Anodized

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