Any old Iron

Andy H Harley-Davidson Leave a Comment

Well, new Iron, I suppose. 1200cc worth of blacked-out Sportster with mini apehangers – which might technically be “Tall Boys” (something to check when I get home) – and apart from a semi-pearlescent white paint scheme which is proving to be a bitch to photograph, I’m having a ball!Would look fantastic on black with the AMF era-inspired pinstripes with red, white and blue, but just spotted one of those on the floor at Chester Harley-Davidson!Jury is out over this or the Forty-Eight Special: small tank and forwards or bigger tank and mids? Easier to lean into the bars on this, but I do love the peanut tank, for all its compromised range. Both sub £10k, though, which is excellent value, and a lot of bike for the money.

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