Andrews Camshafts For Milwaukee Eight

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With high efficiency four valve heads, Milwaukee Eight engines have great potential for performance gains especially with new design Andrews Milwaukee Eight series camshafts.

With very different cam timing specs for four valve heads – much greater flow efficiency the duration is lot shorter – they look very different from camshafts designed for two valve applications.

These bolt-in cams can be used with stock pushrods, however, for ease of installation Zodiac are recommending the use of Andrews EZ-Install Chrome Moly pushrods.

Now available at your Zodiac dealer.

Andrews Cams for Milwaukee Eight                                   £248.31
745326     M450 bolt-in cam for 107CI engines.
745327     M460 bolt-in cam for 107CI engines.
745328     M462 bolt in cam for 107/114CI engines.
745329     M464 bolt in cam for 107/114CI engines.
745330     M504 performance cam for use with hi-lift valve springs.
745331     M520 performance cam gives more torque and power for modified engines with more than 114CI.
Andrews EZ-Install Chrome-Moly pushrods                      £252.24
745332     For Milwaukee Eight

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