AmV94: Putting the Sport Into Sport Glide

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click for full screenBoz is back in the technical chair and he’s got his hands on a Milwaukee Eight – a Sport Glide to be precise – and in the first in a series of articles he is playing with exhausts and air cleaners and the Direct Link software on his Dyno.

One reader – a former proof reader and general clever bugger (take a bow, Jean Gazet) – was quick to point out that I’d put the same graph in twice and we hadn’t noticed it, and thanks to the miracle of digital technology I can now put that right.

If you look at the graphs 5 and 6 on page 42, you will notice that they are the same: they should be these two, with the captions to save you having to cross refer … and to whether the appetites of this who haven’t got a copy yet!

Next issue will be cams, and the issue after that will be the 117-inch big bore kits that V-Twin has put together. You have been told.

If you haven’t got a copy yet, it’s still on the newsagents shelves.

Or you can save yourself some shoe leather by ordering it from the on-line shop: just click on the cover, to the left.

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