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Part navel-gazing, part celebrating the last fifteen years of American motorcycles, we look back at a hundred editions of American-V and spin it from a modern context.

There’s favourite customs and classics, most influential new models and most missed departures – all of which is really barely skimming the surface: we could have done an issue dedicated to the classics, one dedicated to customs, one dedicated to roadtrips, etc, but that didn’t seem to be good value.

Bright, lively, diverse and thought-provoking, it shows that there’s much much more to American motorcycles than an 883 Sportster and a heavyweight tourer, which is where their critics’ imaginations run out of … well, imagination, I guess?

And then we test a sportster and a heavyweight tourer – hahaha – although ‘sportster’ (with a small ‘s’) refers to the big S at the end of Harley’s newest Low Rider, and the tourer is no Geezer-Glide, but a tarmac-rippling 116-inch bagger!


AND, if you want to revisit anything you see here in more detail, we’re doing a demon deal on back issues for the shelf life of AmV100.

Click the new BACK ISSUES option in the left hand menu for a full contents listing (okay, so I’ve still got to put the last couple of issues up: I’ve only got one pair of hands and it’s all about prioritising).

AND … what, there’s more??

We’ve outsourced subs fulfilment, so we can focus more on getting magazine out, and the SUBSCRIPTIONS option on the left will take you straight there.

Of course, if you just want to order this issue direct, just click the button below and we’ll get that to you, post haste:

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