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Whatever American motorcycle you ride, if you don’t mind rubbing shoulders with that other bunch who bought the wrong make, you’ve got a home at …

We’re not going to attempt to do everything on here, because setting up and maintaining a forum will do nothing to help us spend more time riding motorcycles, so we’re going to use facebook for something that it is really good at.

It is a closed group for no better reason that 95% of people who have applied to join have been people looking for love or the opportunity to practice their langauge skills and that’s not what it is there for.

No bike = nothing to contribute = no join.

The preference is obviously for American bikes, and we will make exceptions for non-owners – even those who don’t own a bike – who have a genuine enthusiasm for American motorcycles, but we do check every single application and it’s really easy to spot people who don’t just by looking at their walls.

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  1. Will join soon if poss. But first can someone help me with a dilemma.
    Question: Got a 1990 low rider sport both the Boss and myself love it, also 2009 bonnie se I love it Boss says its too small, tried 2011 vegas 8 ball , we both agree its real nice but I worry about spares maintenance etc. The crux of the matter is should I sell bonnie to fund vegas, I can only have two toys.
    All comments gratefully received.


    1. Post

      It’s too early to tell how well the aftermarket will step up to keep Victorys in spares in the future, but the positive news is that the bloody things don’t seem to break. And it’s only really engines and electronics that we need to worry about cos everything else can be fabricated anyway. Maintenance isn’t hard, and Indian dealers should be happy to take it on if you’re nervous.

      Good bike, the Vegas. Not the best pillion seat in the world in terms of comfort – the King Pins fits and is better – and the skinny front tyre restricts front braking, but no more than anything else with a 90/90×21

      I’ve got a 2003 92-inch 5-speed waiting for time and money, cos I’m extensively modifying it, and love it.

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