American-V 105 is on the superhighway

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Yes, sad to say the current issue of American-V is another digital issue because of the constraints of lockdown. BUT as with the digital issues of last year, all of the editorial and paid advertising will be printed in the next paper edition, which we are hoping will be 106 out in mid May.

In the meantime, however, this and all issues going back to … errr … hang on, I’ll just check: AmV41!!


Where was I? Oh yes, all of those – including the ones that we no longer have any physical copies of – are available from:

Or just click on the cover: and yes that is a Harley-Davidson Livewire on the cover – the bike that we said we wouldn’t roadtest – alongside Indian’s Scout Bobber Twenty. Spoiler alert: we have never given more pages to any roadtest, because there is so much to get across.


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