American-V 103 is coming to a cloud near you

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Yes, we’re still digital with this second issue, as anticipated, but all good things come to those who wait … and to those impatient people with laptops/tablet and Smart TVs … damn, I knew there was something I was going to test!! I must have been distracted on my way back from the .. oh, look, a monkey!

Sorry, where was I?

As mentioned last issue,  I cannot stress enough that subscribers to the paper magazine will get all of the pages that they have paid for, and they will be printed on paper … it’s just that they won’t get them before December, at which time they are advised to put a pillow in the hallway beneath the letterbox, because American-V 104 will land with a hell of a thump.

In the meantime, subscribers will be getting links to a digital copy to tide them over before the paper brick lands in December – regulations willing

And the digital edition is available as usual from pocketmags by going to  The digital edition represents excellent value for those who haven’t had a gutful of screens in their daily life – and certainly overseas readers, who get stitched up for international postage rates that are out of our control, and who then have a long wait.

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  1. Hi, I have my American V ordered through my local paper shop, when this bumper copy comes out will I be able to buy one.

    1. Post

      We are working to find a way to get into WH Smiths at the moment: while the Covid thing is still impacting retailers and the distribution chain, it is unlikely, but will advise as soon as we know. Either way, it will always be available to buy on-line.

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