American-V 102 … will be delayed

Andy H Harley-Davidson 11 Comments

Apologies, I should have mentioned this earlier – like when 102 should have hit the newsstands a week ago – but we were still working out what we were doing, how and what the timings were going to be.

We now know … we think. Everything could change depending on a second spike.

American-V 102 will now slot into where 103 should have been.


Because advertising budgets are on lockdown while this Covid thing sorts itself out – and that is an international situation, not purely down to the local situation.

And because the shops are only just starting to open : even those WH Smiths that are running as Post Offices are closed for browsing, although you can ask a member of staff to pick a specific newspaper or magazine off a shelf for you.

We did consider running an abbreviated 102 for subscribers only, but with limited access to feature material and fewer pages, we felt it wouldn’t have represented good value to subscribers who have paid in advance for their issues.

So we have taken the decision that we have and hope that you can understand the logic of it.

This will hurt us, like the closedowns are hurting everyone – but it is the only sensible way to tackle it.

In the meantime, this MIGHT be the next cover: it was a working idea when it was looking like a cut-down edition with the things we had access to.

More as we know it.

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  1. Totally understand this Andy, what you say makes sense. We are living in strange times at the moment. In the meantime I shall order some more back issues till 102 hits my doorstep.
    Cheers. Rob

  2. Thanks for the update Andy & no worries, still got a few of the last tranche of back order copies to read & when I run out of those will start again at number one (always something that I missed!).
    Look after yourselves.


  3. Thanks for the update, I’ve been keeping an on on the website for news of on the next publication and even ventured to the local news agent where I’ve been able to pick up the last few editions. I really should get around to just subscribing

  4. Thanks for the update, missing an issue is a small price to pay for you guys and girls to keep the show on the road.

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