Aggressively-priced Indian Dark Horse launched.

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The time for teasing is over: Indian’s 2016 Chief Dark Horse, due on Spring/Summer 2015, looks set to put Indian’s 111-inch Thunderstroke-engined Chief into the mainstream, and we can reveal that the price model is more Victory 8-Ball than Harley-Davidson Dark Custom, with the blacked-out Hoss coming in at a budget price of £16,499 OTR with a 5 year guarantee!

Yes, that’s right: £16,499.



The first Chief Dark Horse was a Kings Mountain Power Plus model: spot the difference.


Apehanger handlebars are not the only factory accessory on this model



Blacked-out exhaust, black fender trims, rack, engine covers and a tank pouch are from the same accessory catalogue as the apehangers.



The plug top left is where the analogue fuel gauge is fitted on the regular Chief, but you don’t need it: there’s a digital gauge and a remaining fuel range countdown on the LCD panel.


There have been some budget cuts: the twin flanking spotlamps have gone, as has the analogue fuel guage – the trip computer in the multi-function speedo will have to suffice – the pillion seat and a whole bucketful of chrome, but it does make it a distinct model rather than a Classic on a budget. It also sacrifices the Classic’s laced wheels in favour of the cast wheels off the Chieftain – blacked-pit, obviously – which will meet approval in many quarters, but is otherwise the same supremely confident Chief with its stunning, flexible, high torque motor. It also keeps its keyless ignition, ABS and cruise control.

The Dark Horse comes in a solitary colour – matt black – and don’t expect a two-tone scheme any time soon: it’s not that sort of bike. It isn’t completely devoid of chrome, but it is used as an accent rather than a second colour and the original models have sometimes come in for criticism for having too much of the shiny stuff for our more self-effacing tastes. Don’t mistake that for an unwillingness to dress it up, though: a range of forty accessories will be rolled out over Spring/Summer.

I’ll leave the last word for Senior Product Manager, Ben Lindaman: “The Indian Chief Dark Horse is unlike anything else currently available from Indian Motorcycle. While it shares the best traits with other models in the Chief platform, its signature matte black paint and minimalist profile give it an attitude unlike any other Indian motorcycle. We’re excited to unveil this new bike at an engaging price point for a full-size heavyweight American cruiser.”

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