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This is where American-V's posts on social media will bring you if you click on them. Where enhanced text emphasis text makes it easier to get a handle on the important information, and where we can do all kinds of clever things with images and video ... or just point you at a brand new on-line shop.

It is also where we will import the posts of the last four years from the old American-V.com site. Well, the important ones: do you have any idea how much time it would take to bring the whole lot over ... a lot of which is no longer relevent.

Feel free to share these posts on your own Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profiles ... or not. Your call: no pressure.

The biggest advantage will be – for us, and hopefully for you – is that once you are here, you will have quick and easy access to a wealth of archive information, images and videos in a way that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram just doesn't offer ... and that the old system never quite managed to.

Watch this space!

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