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How does the sound of a helmet without a chin strap grab you? One that will get less buffeting than your average helmet because it is aerodynamically shaped around the whole of its surface?

This just might be it.

You get less buffeting because the hole that you stick you head in is impossibly small, and you don’t need a strap because the helmet fits your head far better than a regular full face ever could because the whole shell clamps round your head securely, to give as close to a perfect fit as I’ve ever experienced.

It works quite simply: you pick a helmet one size up from your usual fitting, open the clamshell, put your face – with your glasses on if you wear them –into the front half of the helmet, your chin resting in a cradle, and then you bring the rear down and latch it into position.

You certainly won’t get it off without unfastening the clamshell, and in the event of an emergency there is a quickly revealed hinge mechanism that will allow the emergency services to detach the two halves of the shell, leaving an injured rider resting their head in the rear section of the helmet, using its lining as a pillow: massively safer than trying to pull a regular full face helmet off. Much easier too, if you spend a lot of time putting them on and taking them off, which is why founder Johnny Vozzo, a keen skydiver, created it.

It has been passed by the appropriate bodies and is now available in the UK, and is a very interesting concept. The bloke on the stand suggested that one day all helmets might use that sort of closure, and I think he might be right … but I’ll reserve final judgement until I’ve ridden a bike with buffeting issues over a reasonable distance.

If you want to try one, models will soon be available for roadtesting at selected dealers

VOZZ RS 1.0 Helmet in Gloss Black, Matt Black, White, Blue Red and Orange: £595

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