Ten years ago: MY2009 announced

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To put the news of out Harley-Davidson into some sort of context and because the MY2019 announcement is just days away  – and because American-V happens to have a massive library of images and this helps to remind people that we have back issues and issue 30 covered this announcement – I thought I’d remind us all what The Motor Company unveiled ten years ago!

How many can you name? Some are easy, because the designation is enough, but that was necessary so it didn’t look like we had used same bike in different colours.

How many have you owned?

How many of these are still in standard trim, ten years on!

And how long will it take someone to use the failure of the Sportiest Sportster and the Fattest Rod as a good and valid reason why Harley shouldn’t diversify*?


* Rather than good and valid reason why Harley-Davidson need to diversify properly this time 🙂 Discuss!

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