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      That’s worrying: it should have been there for three weeks by now. Are these stores that have previously stocked it? And if so, have you asked staff? They should be able to tell you when it was/is due and track it through their internal system.

      Whereabouts in the country are you?

      Sadly, distribution has always been the hardest part of publishing to keep on top of, and there are very many more newsagents in the country than copies printed, most of who are struggling against new ways of buying – whether supermarkets or on-line – and we will inevitably see a major change in how we distribute magazines here and across the world.

      We can’t claim the high ground here: we sell the magazine on-line and it costs no more than it would on a newsagent’s shelf, and it gets delivered to your door for free, but then we’ve had to do that because distribution gets patchier and more expensive by the year.

      My best recommendation is that you save your shoe leather and buy it online – either through our shop at or on ebay, but if you want me to look into it further for you, please let me know which stores you’ve been to and I’ll see what’s going on.

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