Sport Glide Launch: Tenerife 2018

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Under blue skies on dry roads, the new Sport Glide made light work of the wonderful roads up and across Tenerife’s volcano, through its dramatic other-worldly landscape.

Despite many common components, it is a very different proposition to the model upgrades that were announced in August – park it next to a 107-inch Heritage Classic and you’ll see more differences than similarities, despite sharing a common platform – but that is its big achievement.

Yes, I was surprised that it didn’t come in the 114-inch option or twin front discs – in view of its name, if nothing else – and I wouldn’t be remotely surprised if it was followed by a Sport Glide S (well, they could hardly call it a Sport Glide Sport) at some point in the future, but it’s a very capable bike without them.

Tenerife Satellite.pngCharging hard with a fast pack on challenging roads climbing the south face of Tenerife’s volcano – a series of switchbacks climbing fast to 7,500 feet – the motor, transmission, chassis and suspension delivered, and no less importantly, on the descent, so did the brakes!

A Harley for a new generation of riders?

Yes, and one that will have a lot of appeal for their traditional fans too.

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