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Here’s something for pretty much everyone because even those who don’t change their oil will have to top it up now and again.

This oil sheet measures 37x17cm, is made of maleable aluminium and rubberised: you bend it to the shape you need – the leading edge is tapered so it can get into tighter spots – and use it as a chute as much as a funnel to pour oil wherever you need oil pouring.

I’ve used the covers of damaged magazines in the past, in desperation, and it works … and this would work better because there’s no tendency for it to spring back into a flat sheet.

It’ll certainly get to the fillers on my Shovel and Buell – both small and difficult to access with anything bigger than a litre bottle – but more importantly, it will help enormously when it comes to draining the Shovel’s tank, the drain plug being over the back of the primary.

Bend it to the shape you need – ideally self supporting – and get on with other stuff.

And when you’ve finished, hang it up to drain, clean it, flatten it and it’s ready to go again.

They say it can be reshaped a thousand times, which is perhaps ambitious, but then they says it’ll improve your sex life too!

30-400 PanAm Oil Slide €25.10

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