Not recommended for bikers of a nervous disposition

Andy H American-V, Video 2 Comments

Gasoline is $20 per gallon. Self-driving cars are everywhere. And motorcycles are outlawed.

Self-driving cars are taking over. Silicon Valley and the United States Government have collaborated to push society toward a fully-autonomous transportation system. Motorcycles and riders are an easy first target in the drive to ban human-operated vehicles. Impossible, you say? Not so fast.

From Eric Ristau, the director of The Best Bar in America, comes a three part series that will have riders reaching for their guns, toilet paper, green biro or their heart medication.

It is a fictionalised future inspired by the sheer volume of autonomous vehicle headlines in recent times … or is it?

It is also an IndieGoGo fundraiser – full details here – and you are encouraged to share this widely, because it looks like it is going to be a hell of a ride.

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