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One of the biggest challenges for specialist magazine publishers is putting the magazine where you can find it. It has been a royal pain in the arse since 2011 with multiple changes in distributors. It was also one of the reasons why I moved the magazine from Project Viva in 2016 and why we set up Hornblower Publishing Ltd this year.

And we have resolved to make a better job of it, because along with increasing the subscriptions base, encouraging a younger audience and bridging the technology gap – using a combination of analogue and digital as appropriate for content and distribution – it is the way to ensure that the magazine has a promising future.

The easiest way to ease distribution woes is to provide you with a list of the WHSmiths stockists, both on the High Street and for the first time, in “Travel” outlets, which include Motorway Services Stations, mainline railway stations and airports.

Unfortunately, it is a lot harder to provide a list of the independent newsagents that stock American-V, but they will certainly be those that specialise in automotive titles, and you need too be aware that ANY newsagent in the UK is capable of getting hold of a copy for you, if you prefer to pick it up rather than subscribing: just ask them. They will be glad of the trade, and a reason for you to drop in every couple of months.

And of course, you can always subscribe either to the paper edition, using the button to the left, by going through someone like The Magazine Man, or going direct to

Or to the digital PocketMags edition, which is always the quickest to arrive – and especially advantageous to overseas readers, because there are no postage costs – if you have the technology to make that work for you, which is at

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