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Many people change bikes every couple of years, but here at American-V we seem to change publishers.

This time, however, rather than going to a pre-existing publisher with high hopes that they will be better than the last, I am using the experience of the last three relationships to create a new publishing company – Hornblower Publishing Ltd – with a good friend of long standing.

He happens to have been an American-V reader since the beginning, has a broad business experience and he rides a large capacity American motorcycle – a Milwaukee Eight Ultra – on which he and his wife put in the miles.

We are going through a short period of lunacy while we transfer everything from Positive Media – which will have an inevitable delay on the arrival of American-V 91 – but as soon as we’ve dealt with the business side of things, I can get back into editorial mode and I promise you that it will be worth the wait.


In the interim, I would ask you to make sure that you clear any cache on your web browser before considering buying anything from the on-line shop, and even then to make a note the recipient of the order at checkout: this should be Hornblower Publishing Ltd.

I have updated the PayPal buttons in the shop to reflect the changes but I’m told that Positive Media had an email advice of a two year subscription transaction today but there is nothing showing on their PayPal account.

This means we have no idea who placed that order, so can’t even contact them to let them know there is a problem.

With no idea how far-reaching this is – and with no access to Positive Media’s systems – if you have placed an order for a two year subscription and have not yet recieved a t-shirt or a magazine, I recommend that you cancel the order through PayPal and await further instructions. I’m hoping to have 99% of it resolved by the beginning of next week.

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