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Thing that frustrates me most about the internet – whether social or the mainstream web – is the sheer amount of crap out there.

The worst kind comes in the form of inappropriate or irrelevent comments from dickheads, offering dodgy links in the hope that some innocent will click on it, or else at attachment carrying a viral payload, and so we have switched moderation on for all comments.

We don’t do this lightly but apparently we’re not allowed to hunt these people down and beat them to death with a hardback copy of the “Idiot’s guide to not being a dick”.

That means some poor sod here has got to approve all responses looking for these tossers, but luckily it’s not like looking for a needle in a haystack, more like spotting a sumo wrestler in a creche. And they will be deleted immediately.

If there is a delay in your comments being published, it is more likely that there is no-one here to approve it – because we’re out riding motorcycles – than because you wrote ‘bum’ … or sod, dickhead or crap. And this is the third draft of this: the first one had more expletives than regular words, but then I had just wrestled my phone into submission so that I could delete half a dozen comments from these w … is there an anchor icon on here that I can use?

As ever, the advice is not to follow any link or open any attachment that you are not expecting – even if it is from a good friend, especially if it is out of character. Check with them: they might not yet know that they’ve been hacked, even if that link that promised so much and turned out to be irrelevent should have alerted them to the possibility.

Have fun: switch the computer off and the ignition on!

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