AmV92 is on the starting blocks!

Andy H American-V Leave a Comment

While digital editions landed last Tuesday, has only just been updated, we are expecting subs copies to drop through letterboxes on Monday – and for me to be able to send posted copies out from here – and I think that news trade copies should hit the shelves on Thursday: will know for certain on Monday.

That also means that this is your last chance to pick up AmV91 from newsagents this week: I noticed a pile of them at Toddington Services northbound on my way past last Thursday evening.

It’s also worth mentioning that we are doing a special deal in WH Smiths travel outlets – see – for this issue, bundling Spirit of 1901 with American-V for just £2.00 extra!

Of course, Spirit of 1901 is also available on-line, just go to and look for the on-line shop … and check out the work that Fon has been doing in turning its Social Hub into a destination worth visiting.

Once we’ve got that nailed down, we will be turning our attention to doing the same on American-V, as we bridge the gap between on-line content and the magazines.

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