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Profuse apologies: you wait for weeks for a decent posting and then you get this!

There is much hand-wringing going on with the adoption of the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as people massively misinterpret the spirit and the letter of its requirements.

An extension of the Data Protection Act, and with little more than a set of finely sharpened teeth to make people take it more seriously, GDPR’s main job is to prevent the profiling of individuals without their consent, which is getting much easier with developments in AI.

Basically, data has becomes a tangible asset – the more detail, the better – and people become justifiably concerned for their privacy.

GDPR is not there to stop us putting magazines into envelopes and sending them out to people who have paid for them, but in case anyone seeks reassurance that American-V magazine and Hornblower Publishing Limited aren’t organs of a global media empire*, I offer you Hornblower Publishing’s privacy policy.

There is no opt-in tickbox for you to agree to us sharing your data and browsing habits with hundreds of companies that you’ve never heard of (only to be kicked out if you decline, and I speak from experience) because we don’t collect that sort of data, never mind share it with anybody.

Andy Hornsby
Editor and Director

American-V Magazine (AmV) and Hornblower Publishing Limited (HPL) have got a very simple privacy policy.

  • We do not share, sell or otherwise transfer personally identifiable data beyond strict operational requirements: subscriptions are sent from a secure mailing house, and then the data required is sent by secure means.
  • We hold all data securely on password protected computers behind an up to date firewall.
  • We do not hold bank or credit card details on any digital or paper systems.
  • Because of the nature of the information held, there is no statutory requirement – or intention – for HPL to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office. That does not affect your right to see any data that we hold on you, or your right to be forgotten once all statutory obligations have been met.

To protect us both, all financial transactions are processed on PayPal’s site, either using their APIs in respect of the on-line shop, or their virtual terminal for credit card transactions taken over the phone.
All information collected on PayPal’s websites is stored on PayPal’s secure site – subject to PayPal Inc’s Privacy Policy – and is not available to HPL’s computers. HPL does not hold any paper or digital copies of sensitive information.
PayPal shares your contact details with HPL for the purpose of HPL despatching goods to you. HPL holds a copy of that information, together with the value of the transaction in order to maintain an internal audit trail.

HPL does not use any third-party advertising delivery systems on any of the websites that we are responsible for – nor is there any intention to – because we choose to ensure that any advertising carried on any HPL title is relevant to its audience and will be controlled by HPL to ensure that.
We will carry advertising for selected advertisers on HPL websites, but such adverts will target the profile of the title and not a reader’s profile.
All advertisements will be clearly marked as such and it must be assumed that they will take the reader onto that advertiser’s website and will then be subject to the advertiser’s own privacy policy.

In the event that a competition prize is offered by a third-party with a request that HPL shares the contact details of entrants with them, HPL will clearly inform entrants of that and provide an opt-in tick box for those entrants who are happy for their personal data to be shared.
That opt-in will specifically exclude the answers to any questions – including tie-breakers – which might have a marketing value but will be offered anonymously and will not compromise your right to privacy.

HPL will occasionally undertake readership surveys and questionnaires, but these will not be compulsory, the information that is given freely will be treated as confidential, held securely and any personal information that can identify the participant – like the sender’s email address or ID – will not be transferred onto any digital records.

By using this site, you consent to this privacy policy.

We will post any changes to this privacy policy on the ‘About Us’ page.

* wow, you followed the link!

In that case, let me tell you that we are just a couple of blokes with a shared passion for big daft American motorcycles, who have the skill sets and the contacts to be able to put a magazine together, and an obsession in making it the very best magazine that we possibly can.

We are not in the pockets of the manufacturers, although we do enjoy a close professional relationship with them, and if you want chapter and verse over how we got here – publishing companies, LLPs etc – buy me a pint and I’ll tell you. Or wait until the soap opera comes out.

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