American-V 90 will be dropping through letterboxes imminently!

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With changes to the publishing schedule, health issues and finally snow, it seems like a hell of a long time since issue 89 … it was!


We’re still awaiting a final confirmation of an on-sale date in the newsagents, but office copies have landed back at base and subs copies will be on doorsteps this week – and my first job in the morning will be to add it to the on-line shop!

We have used the time well, recreating a wholly new digital experience to back the magazine up, and it is only going to get bigger: not at the expense of the paper magazine, but to support it.

Because all postings on all social platforms originate at this new Social Hub, no matter how you arrived you are here right now, and we’ve made sure there’s plenty of stuff – a lot of the stuff that you might have missed in the previous incarnation – to give you an idea of what we are trying to do. Think of it as the snug in your favourite old pub, away from the chatter of the bar.

It will continue to evolve: I daresay I might yet break it – it’s been a long time since I did a site at this level – but we hope you’ll find it a comfortable place to spend time.

I’ve yet to work out how best to make the map work on a desktop computer – it’s fine with pinch-zoom on a phone, but desktops don’t work the same way – and you can expect to find a comprehensive calendar alongside it … as soon as I’ve found the right plug-in to make it functional, updateable and easy to use.


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